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Why everyone needs to find his sound of tea

By The Sound Of Tea

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The sound of tea is ready for its journey

As the name of the blog already says, we are going to talk a lot about tea and music. Because I believe both are a perfect match. They can be very powerful ingredients. And used the right way they can be of extreme value in your daily life.

But we’re not pinned to these two subjects only. There will be a lot more things to talk about. A lot of things can be related to tea and music.

I started this blog to share my experiences. My feelings. To speak and teach about my passions.

This is it...Welcome, I just wrote my first words on my very own blog. If I have to describe some of the feelings I'm experiencing right now it would definitely be excited, nervous and proud.

"Be who you are"

The idea of having my own blog has been going trough my mind for a while now. But I always found a reason not to do this. That little voice in my head saying: "Who will be interested in what I have to say?" "Why would anyone see me as an expert?"

But now, more than ever, it feels right to start writing.

To be honest I have no idea where this journey is going to end. All I know is we have a long road ahead of us. A fun road.

Let's go

Are you passionate about tea? Or music? Or maybe both (that would be awesome!)? And are you ready to learn some new skills? If so, let's find out together how powerful both tea and music can be.

What to expect?

I will start with a series of posts about "how to make the perfect cup of tea". I've been a big tea fan for many years. But it took me some time before I realized I wasn't getting the maximum out of it. For years I was brewing it the wrong way. And now I want to help you to avoid making those same mistakes I did.

Also, we will talk about Music. There are a lot of forgotten songs out there. Songs with emotions. They can be a great inspiration.

So if you are ready... let's create your own sound of tea.

Is there anything you have been struggling with when brewing your cup of tea? Or any other tea related issue you want to learn more about? Let me know in the comment below. I'll add it to my to-write-about-list. And we'll cover it later on.

So I will speak to you soon in my next post.

Take care


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