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What’s your earliest cup of tea memory? This is how it all started for me...

My first tea memory? far as I can remember it was at my grandmother's place. Every time we visited she served a cup of tea for the whole family. Always between 3 and 4 pm, she started her ritual.

First, she filled this old whistling tea kettle with water and put it on the fire. This old bastard was so old and had been used so many times. It was a miracle it hadn't exploded yet. While the water was boiling, she prepared everything else.

Everyone received a glass placed in some metal cup holder. Once the glass was filled with hot water you could barely touch the cup holder without burning your fingers. In every glass, there was a tea bag. With a red/yellow label hanging out of it. After a few minutes, the water also got the same color.

To finish it she first gave everyone a slice of lemon. I always got two slices because I was the youngest one at the table. And then before anyone could start drinking, she added a few teaspoons of sugar in every cup.

Now before you judge my grandmother... we're talking mid 90's here people. There were no campaigns to tell you sugar was bad. And my grandmother just did what a grandmother's gotta do.

Again, I got an extra spoon for being the youngest. And another one if I promised not to say anything (which I...of course...did anyway).

Ahhh sweet memories!

This is what happened to tea after my childhood

Now, so many years later things have changed. A lot! From that sugar bomb-my grandmother called tea- to this beautiful and complex cup of tea I drink today.

But it wasn't that easy to get there. There were many obstacles and temptations on the road.

Like in my teenage years for instance. My interest in tea faded completely away. Tea made place for alcohol and other sugar containing sodas. Maybe I drank a cup of tea now and then on a rare occasion. occasionally (when we ran out of Red Bull...)

Because let's face it, once you're in your teenage years it's hard enough as it is. You have to deal with real life-threatening situations like "how's my hair? Where's my favorite t-shirt? But all my friends get to stay until 1 a.m. !!! ... "

Things changed when I entered my twenties. I started to pay more and more attention to my health. I started to work out and was really dedicated. I changed my food patterns and looked for all kind of alternatives. That’s the moment when tea came back in my life.

Not many people I knew were drinking tea at that time. I still remember my first job. I was the new guy and the only one drinking tea. Which immediately turned me into some kind of weirdo (a weirdo who never had to wait in line for the coffee machine that is! Weirdo 1 - coffee junkies 0). I refused to drink coffee like everyone else. I didn't want to become addictive. And didn't like the taste either.

What?! There's more than just green tea?

For several years I drank green tea. Why only green tea? Because I had no clue there were so many types of tea. Only green tea reached me in that period. I guess it's the most commercial of al teas.

Later I became more and more interested in tea. Why is this Camelia Sinensis such a mysterious plant that can deliver so many different flavors? I just felt I needed to learn more about it.

So I started to explore new flavors, met some interesting people and read numerous books. Slowly it got to me that there was much, much more to it than just soaking a tea bag in a cup for a few minutes.

And so my journey of tea had begun. There’s still a long unknown road ahead of me.

Since I was a child tea has been in my life. And I'm pretty sure it always will be. Now, looking back at those days everything is falling into places. Creating the sound of tea was just a logical next step I had to take.

Digg deep and feel free to share your first tea memories...

We'll speak soon.


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