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These 5 songs are a perfect match with my cup of pu-erh tea.

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Tea that is pressed in a cake or candy-bar-shape form? Stored for several years to get a better taste? Ok, a real tea-connaisseur will now what I'm talking about. But like most of us, I had never heard of pu-ehr tea. And had no idea what was so special about it.

So I decided to give it a try. I bought a bag in the local grocery store. Which was filled with chopped up broken leaves. Nevertheless, I was excited. I was expecting a festival of complex flavors in my mouth... but nothing happened. Absolutely nothing! I didn't find it that spectacular. In fact, it was a big disappointment.

What was wrong? I had read so many positive reviews and articles about it. Were my expectations too high? Or was I fooled by some first-class copywriting?

"Did my pu-erh dream came to an abrupt end?"

It kept going through my mind. And I just couldn't accept that disappointment. So I gave it another try. This time I ordered a few samples online straight from China. More expensive. But worth a shot.

When the package arrived I immediately tried a sample. And after the first sip, my eyes opened wider than Moses could spread the Red Sea. This must have been the flavors described by the prophets. This must have been those feelings people experienced. It completely made up for my first disappointment.

I would recommend everybody to at least try once in your lifetime some quality aged pu-erh (feel free to contact me for any tips).

"Mysterious tea asks for an even more mysterious sound"

Explore with different steeping times and flavors

Today, I'm having my cup of pu-erh tea at least once a week. With every sip, you taste a long history of pure craftsmanship. Each cup gives me this mysterious energy. And to boost that energy, even more, I've selected 5 songs. My list of favorite songs is pretty endless. But these 5 songs, to me, create an even more mysterious energy. They are my perfect sound of pu-erh tea.

So here we go ...

Compared to the other songs, this is the fastest one. But with a great positive energy. It inspires me every single time again. It's telling me to take action. To create new things. And it just feels right to sip my tea while listening to it.

Every song made by The war on drugs could have been on this list. Their entire album would be a perfect match during a pu-erh tasting workshop. Their music is just so perfect and creates this mysterious energy.

My number 3 is a classic: The Doors - Riders on the storm

No list of mysterious sound without The Doors. Oh how I wanted to live in those days The Doors were playing concerts. This song is so much more. I recommend you listen to it a few times and each time concentrate on another instrument, another sound: the bassline, the organ, the percussions, the lyrics ... It doesn't get any more mysterious than that.

Number 2 is a tribute to musical geniality: Nirvana - The man who sold the world

Ok, first things first. The original song by David Bowie is brilliant. He is/was a genius. No doubt about that! And this could easily have been a top 5 dominated entirely by him. But this version brought by Nirvana touches me even more. In all its simplicity. Specifically, the sound they produce in the last 45 seconds brings me into pu-erh wonderland.

And so we arrive at my number 1: Neil Young - Like a hurricane

The mystery of pu-erh tea is translated perfectly in this song. Listening to it, I not only taste but also feel it's long ancient history. I can feel the love, passion and dedication that is needed to deliver a high-quality pu-erh.

These songs are my personal opinion and you are free to agree or disagree with me. In fact, I would love to hear your favorite songs to match up with my cup of tea. Let's create our perfect sound of tea together.

We'll speak soon


The sound of tea

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