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My first matcha experience... (from Excellence Tea)

In my previous blog post, I was introduced to Japanese tea. So why not stay in Japan and write another article.

And when you say Japan and tea, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Yes of course...matcha.

I've never had matcha before. And after hearing and reading so many positive things about it I was very excited to receive a sample. It was sent to me by Excellence tea. A lovely tea company from Switzerland. And like we all know nothing bad has ever come from Switzerland!

Before preparing I first did some research. Because I knew matcha has a great history and a lot of health benefits. So I wanted to respect it as much as possible while preparing. To get the maximum out of it. At Excellence tea's you can find out more about the benefits and way of preparation.

When opening the bag a lovely fresh smell escaped. And it was filled with this amazingly clear green powder. And since I read somewhere that the greener your powder, the better the quality, this was definitely a winner.

After the preparation, it was time for my first sip. And surprisingly it tasted just like I imagined and hoped. A fresh grassy green tea-flavor. I could immediately understand why everyone was always so excited about matcha. It felt like a huge healthy-energy shot for my whole body.



Besides an energy boost, they also say it calms the mind and relaxes the body. Which I can understand experienced during the preparation. That's why it's important to take your time to prepare it. Just for a few minutes forget everything else. And enjoy your well-deserved cup of matcha!

We'll speak soon


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