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Are you using the right water to brew your tea? This is what could go wrong ...

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Welcome back to the sound of tea blog. By now we have already learned a few things: the importance of using loose tea leaves and the types of tea that are out there. Now, before we can start experimenting with flavors, there is one crucial element left. And that is our water.

"Be sure to use the right water. If not this is what could happen..."

At the left, we used water from the tap. At the right, we used light water. As you can see there's a huge difference between them. Not only the color but also the taste is very different.

For me, this was a shocking discovering. Because for many years I was using water straight from the tap.

" The quality of your cup of tea depends on how good your water is"

So how do I know which water is good and which not?

Let's say there are two groups of water: light and heavy. I've always been taught that light water is the best for making tea. This will have the least impact on the flavor of your tea leaves. And so you can experience the real authentic flavors.

Why light water? Because it is low in minerals. And has the most neutral taste so it will affect the flavor of our tea leaves the least.

So how do I see which water is low in minerals? The next time at your supermarket, check the label on the bottle. A low dry residue at 180° is what you are looking for. A value of between 50 and 500 mg/liter is considered as low mineral water.

For my readers in Belgium, I always use Spa water. Because of its very low dry residue as you can see below.

Water from the tap isn't the best way to go. It can be different from town to town. So it's very hard to determine its level of dry residue.

I would only recommend it to perform some tests. To taste the quality and differences. Take two glasses trough which you clearly can see the colors. Fill the first glass with tea leaves and low mineral water. And brew the same tea again with tap water. Wait a few minutes and see what happens. You'd be amazed by the results. And realize the importance of using the right water.

Again there are no exact rules you have to follow. That's the beauty of tea. You can take this advice and give it your personal touch. For me, this water gives the best results. Maybe you have already found your water. If so, I would love to hear from you because I'm always excited to discover new ideas.

Our next article at the sound of tea will also be related to the water. What is the right temperature? And how long should the leaves stay in the water?

See you at the next post


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