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6 Tips and tricks that lead you to the perfect cup of tea

By The Sound Of Tea

Hi everybody and welcome back to the sound of tea blog.

Today we’re announcing a series of blog posts that’s coming your way. They will cover techniques and tips on how to make the perfect cup of tea. I believe this knowledge is essential if you want to enjoy tea at its fullest. Once you master these, intense flavors are coming your way. And you will be able to create your own personal sound of tea.

Are you ready to host your own tea party?

Being a big tea fan all my life, I was always wondering if I was doing it the right way. Am I getting the maximum out of it? Here are just a few questions I asked myself (and maybe you are too?):

  • "Why does it taste so bitter sometimes?"
  • "Should the water be boiling?"

  • "What’s the difference between black and green tea?"

  • "How long should the tea leaves stay in the water?"

So I started to dig deeper. I searched for articles online, I took some courses, bought books and spend hours in the library.

And so I discovered the real power. The secret that lies in your small cup of tea.

Now I am going to share my experiences with you. They will lead you straight to the perfect cup of tea.

Become a tea expert and create your own sound

The topics we are going to cover are:

  1. Which types of tea are there and what’s the difference between them?
  2. What type of water should you use?
  3. How long should your tea stay in the water and what is the right temperature?
  4. What equipment should you use?
  5. The importance of storing your tea the right way
  6. Experiment with your favorite flavors and the art not making it too sweet

Before the next blog post, I’d like you to write down some answers to these questions. Just write down the way you are handling them right now. So we can compare them afterward. To see what you’re doing right already. And what you have to change.

In the meantime, I’ll write a bonus article. To make you aware of the importance of choosing the right tea. And bring you one step closer to the perfect sound of tea.



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